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07/26/2008, 15:52:00
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Gentlemen and Ladies,

I am Michael-Edward:

I am promoter and media for David Myrland and others who have found a way to deal with courts that behave badly as well as the remaining public servants who have forgotten their duty is to serve.

I ask you to visit and create your User Name and Password.

Click on Free Tele-Conference Calls and join the Calls with David each Monday and Tuesday evening.

Also, and very importantly, review Statewide Communications.

THINK how valuable it is for you to communicate by the various Venues to coordinate and rifle your energy to a specific local issue.

David teaches Offensive, Prosecutorial Strategies in dealing with Public Servants gone bad; as they most all have and with awesome results to these teachings.

Please, my bringing this to your attention is NOT a cheap marketing shot.

My bringing this to your attention IS to unite and coordinate the various People and their smaller groups into One United Effort; hence Statewide Communications and a group of litigious People with very bad attitudes.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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