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battered victim
07/09/2010, 13:39:27
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Judge P.Lucas is worst judge she denied due process in department 92 many woman.Just in my case she inputed me attorney which I fired before trial due to malpractice,refusal my to obtain new attorney paid by my ex,refusal me to have translator or continue and rule in favorite to domestic abuse with restranining order,domestic violence,battered woman reports,children reports,police report,abused children report,medical negligent.
I was kicked with 100% child custody from house and judge Lucas make me pay him $20 000 attorney fee ,housewife with no job and income and I asked for reconsiderationa new trial she punished me to pay him another $ 20 000. Judge left and judge Clark came to department so I wrongly hoped that corection will be done and gess who has know 100% custody?

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